Sharing Knowledge & Expertise from the Data Science World

Our Story

This is not a new idea. Good historical reference would be that of O’Reilly Media, whose founder, Tim O'Reilly, first started publishing books for Developers in the 70s, when nobody else did.

Today knowledge is widely shared on the web. But with that accessibility comes another challenge: to break through all the social media buzz. That’s where we come in: helping merit-based knowledge break through the noise.

Who we are

Platform for Data Science experts to share their wisdom and opinions. 

We focus on real peoples’ expertise to show how Data Science can deliver outcomes.

What we do

We give experts a voice and encourage them to translate their technical knowledge into high level ideas. We accelerate and simplify this knowledge sharing towards other professionals and a larger crowd of important stakeholders.

Our Mission

Distribute the wisdom of today’s experts to the professionals who will, today or in the future, have the biggest impact on all of our lives 

Our Culture

We believe that Solutions and “Know-hows” to the world’s problems are in people, not in tools. 
We highlight the unique expertise of Data Science experts, focusing on actual facts.
We create a merit-based platform for sharing knowledge and expertise.
“Data is just hard. With MirData.Report I hope that we can make it easier for those in tech whose decisions significantly impact all of us.”
Segah A Mir, Chief Editor
MiT Alum, ex Data Scientist @ Google Cloud (formerly Looker)
  • Data Science Partner, Google & Looker
  • Data Science Team Lead, Looker
  • Data Scientist, Earnest
  • Data Scientist, Duetto Research
  • MiT Sloan MBA
  • New Economic School, MS
  • University of California, BA

Our Product


Expert knowledge from practitioner interviews delivered in short video segments


Relevant business questions
answered by experts


Physical and virtual events open up discus-sions that cannot happen any other way