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Be our Guest – share your expertise with peers and
non-technical decision makers


We record full 45-mins interviews, which we cut into several 'episodes' to make content more catchy on social media channels.

Each data talk episode is composed of:

  • An opening introduction slide about you and your background.
  • Main topic discussion, typically, accompanied by slides.
  • Subtitles: transcription of your speech for general accessibility.

Preparation Roadmap

Profile Review

We work hard to select the right speakers. We review each profile, putting special emphasis on education and practical expertise.

Topic Review

We analyze if the topic you’d like to share is relevant to our audience. If necessary, together, we discuss and crystalize it.

Video Recording

We schedule a 45-60 mins video call to share your wisdom and expertise with us and the broader community.

First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step


Let us know about you: fill out the application form to be a guest.

Topic proposal

The speaker proposes a topic, case study,
or a question she would like to cover in her talk.


We send our speakers a template deck to implement content and help articulate her material ahead of the recorded conversation.

Share Knowledge

Share your expertise, technical knowledge and real case-studies with your peers and broader community of Professionals passionate about Data Science.

Data Science Talks

Share your practical experience in a 1:1 interview.

Submit potential topics to help us determine if it is a good fit for our next episodes.

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