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“In data science, the theory is different from practice”
Pavel Dmitriev
PhD in Computer Science (Cornell University)
VP of Data science @Outreach
“Gaining trust is a big challenge.”
Elena Levi
Product Team Lead @AppsFlyer
“You always should change math to account for the  way users use the system.”
Leonid Pekelis
PhD in Statistics (Stanford University)
Head of Data Science @CloudTrucks
“Cell biology has direct application to Marketing Funnels and Data Science”
Maxim Godzi
PhD in Molecular Biology
CEO @Retentioneering
“No matter how Junior or Senior you are, you need to be open to learning”
Ran Taig
PhD in Artificial Intelligence
Lead Data Scientist @Lusha
Natalia Vanetik
“Language is represented in vectors; similar vectors represent similar meaning”
Natalia Vanetik
PhD in Computer Science
NLP and Multilingual Text Analysis @SCE
David Guedalia
“Trying to understand why a model made its decisions is at the heart of explainability”
David Guedalia
CTO @BlueDot
VP Technology @Qualcomm

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